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Just play! Have fun learning!

Smile Kids" aims to be a nursery school that brings smiles to the faces of children, parents, and caregivers alike, while nurturing children's "zest for life".

We would like to share the sense of accomplishment that comes from being able to "do things on your own" slowly, without rushing, and without forgetting the importance of spending every day with children who have unlimited potential.

I would like to cherish the "now" of the children.

The children who attend Smile Kids are between the ages of 0 and 2 years old. It is said that 80% of the brain is formed by the age of three, when the brain receives external stimuli and the five senses are in place. For the development of the mind and brain, it is important to give children a lot of experiences during this period, and their brains and bodies are working at full speed to acquire a variety of knowledge. Their brains and bodies are working at full speed to acquire various knowledge, but they cannot do this on their own and need help from adults. If adults don't give them a hand, they will lose that ability. At Smile Kids, we aim to provide children with as many experiences as possible during their early years.

Focus on walking 

It is very important to walk a lot in early childhood. There are many things to discover on a walk. Observing living things, plants and flowers, touching soil and water, smelling, hearing sounds, etc. are all very important factors in addition to physical fitness. This will improve your memory, creativity, and ability to think clearly. "What is this? "Why is that? There are many wonders to be found during a walk. As we continue to walk little by little, I would like to set a goal of walking 3 kilometers by the time we graduate.

Feel the changing of the seasons

Our nursery school is located in the middle of a world heritage site. There is a lot of nature around us. We spend the whole year with events, feeling the change of seasons. We enjoy seasonal activities such as cherry blossom viewing in the spring, catching bugs in the summer, digging potatoes in the fall, and playing with fallen leaves in the winter.

Seasonal events include Tanabata (Star Festival), Otsukimi (Moon Viewing), Halloween, Christmas, and going to see the sumo wrestlers of Oitekaze-beya practice.

Smile Kids(small-scale nursery school)


4-324 Mozu Akahata-cho Sakai city Osaka

Tel 072-275-8825

It is located in the center of the World Heritage Site, the "Mozu Kofun Tumulus Group," and is about a three-minute walk from Mozu Station on the JR Hanwa Line. It is a place rich in nature.

Nursery school enrolment

Sakai City Kita Ward Office

TEL: 072-258-6621

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